organogenese: Clara-cellen

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17-06-2006 12:35:31

Staat bij differentiatie van proximaal long epitheel, weet iemand wat die cellen juit doen?


18-06-2006 15:06:45

Van Wikipedia:

Clara cells are non-mucous and non-ciliated secretory cells found in the primary bronchioles of the lungs.

Clara cells are dome-shaped and have short microvilli. One of the main functions of Clara cells is to protect the bronchiolar epithelium. They do this by secreting a small variety of products, including Clara cell secretory protein (CCSP) and a component of the lung surfactant. They are also responsible for detoxifying harmful substances inhaled into the lungs. Clara cells accomplish this with cytochrome P450 enzymes found in their smooth endoplasmic reticulum. Clara cells also multiply and differentiate into ciliated cells to regenerate the bronchiolar epithelium