onderzoek n. facialis pg 27

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03-01-2008 10:50:42

wat is het symptoom van hitselberger??


03-01-2008 11:02:33

In the Hitselberger test the patient has to estimate the magnitude of the tactile part of a compound audio-tactile stimulus. From this point of view it is doubtful, that the sign is a simple peripheral phenomenon based on the impairment of the facial nerve by tumor pressure. To investigate the process of audiotactile perception we developed a device which delivers a calibrated compound audio-tactile stimulus. In the tested 70 patients with different sensorineural lesions there was no significant difference between the percentage values of positive Hitselberger signs in the various diagnostic groups. Evaluation of the different factors influencing the Hitselberger test results in a new concept of audiotactile perception.